Employee Spotlight: Longtime Chief Operating Officer Takes Position with Covenant House International

Kendalyn Mckisick Impact Updates

Meet Carlette Mack. Although, if you’ve interacted with Covenant House Alaska in the last 25 years you likely already know and love her. After receiving both her Bachelor’s in Psychology and Master’s in Counseling Psychology from Alaska Pacific University, Carlette started at Covenant House Alaska as an intern. At the time, her mother Mildred (whom Carlette affectionately calls MammaMack) was a case manager here at Covey. Carlette says, “I have always thought it was a beautiful blessing to follow in my mother’s footsteps through my career at Covenant House.” Over the years she has carried on her mother’s fierce legacy of excellence. Since starting in 1995, Carlette has worked her way to the top of our organization, having done just about every job here.

Carlette and her mother Mildred

Carlette has served as our Chief Operating Officer for 8 years, and now leaves behind her own legacy as she transitions into a position with Covenant House International as Senior Vice President of Operations. Carlette’s colleagues describe her as professional, fair, and understanding. One co-worker had this to say about Carlette as a respected colleague and confidante: “She is constantly busy and getting pulled in 19 different directions, but when you need her, you have her complete focus. She puts everything else aside.”

Carlette delivering a powerful speech at our 2019 Candlelight Vigil

It is bittersweet for all of us to see Carlette move on from Covenant House Alaska, but we could not be more proud of her. She will always remain a part of our CHA family. For that reason, we have dedicated a new annual award to be recognized in her honor – the Quiet Thunder Award. Carlette has always been known as a bit of a “quiet storm” because she is tough and relentless, but she also carries herself with poise and quietude. 

Carlette’s own mantra is, “I maintain the power to define who I am” and this year’s Quiet Thunder Award recipient Titiana Jordan (Tati) exemplifies this same sense of personal power. Those who work closely with Tati agree that she is a self-assured and empowered individual. In the middle of chaos Tati remains calm and collected, and tackles any crises with confidence and ease. We are so amazed by both of these incredible women.

Carlette, we look forward to watching you continue to grow at International and congratulations, Tati!