Making a Move to Mentoring

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by: Kris Johnson

Christi Meyn, an Anchorage native, has found her calling in volunteering as a mentor in the Rights of Passage program at Covenant House Alaska,.

Christi admits that she can’t remember the exact moment of her first encounter with Covenant House. The presence of the house in the Anchorage community is so ubiquitous that it became a natural part of Christi’s awareness. Growing up in Anchorage, she says it seems like she’s always known about Covenant House through the site’s many community events. 

Christi’s involvement as a volunteer was fueled by the need to address state budget cuts to homeless services in 2019. These cuts prompted her to get involved with other local organizations, but those commitments eventually ended in 2022.

As Christi was in the process of moving, she found herself with a surplus of moving boxes. Wondering if Covenant House accepted donations of moving supplies, she visited their website. There, she discovered a mentorship opportunity. Without hesitation, she signed up for training and began her work in the spring of the same year.

“I’m motivated to stay involved because it gives me a sense of giving back to the community,” Christi explains. “Helping someone be successful in their future, even if just a small amount, is a fulfilling experience.” Christi’s altruistic spirit and dedication to the cause of youth homelessness drive her to make a meaningful impact.

As a mentor in the Rights of Passage program, her role involves building meaningful relationships with the young residents. She is currently matched with one young person in particular, offering weekly support in various forms, including homework help, and providing a listening ear and words of encouragement during challenging times.

But her involvement extends beyond the surface, as she truly connects with the youth she serves. Whether it’s a casual stroll in the park or helping with the complexities of academics, Christi is there to lend a helping hand. Her dedication to the program exemplifies the spirit of compassion and empathy that Covenant House embodies.

As for her future aspirations at Covenant House, Christi expresses her enthusiasm for getting to know the young people better. She is also eager to initiate puzzle and game nights during the winter. This desire to engage in fun and bonding activities reflects her commitment to creating a supportive and nurturing environment.

Christi’s dedication to Covenant House is a testament to the profound impact one person can make in the lives of young people experiencing homelessness. Her story is a reminder that, even in the face of adversity and budget cuts, dedicated volunteers like Christi can help guide youth to the future they envision for themselves. With her motivation and passion, Christi continues to make a lasting difference in her community.