Volunteer Spotlight: Josh Bohannon

Kerry Reifel Mentor, Volunteer Stories

All-Star Mentor that Consistently Shows Up for Covey Youth

At Covenant House Alaska, our dedicated volunteers are the heart of our mission to serve youth experiencing homelessness or trafficking. This month, we’re shining the spotlight on Josh Bohannon, a mentor with our Rights of Passage (ROP) program. Josh embodies the phrase, “a servant’s heart” and generously shares his time and wisdom with our youth, a calm and reassuring role model, for not just his specific mentee, but for the other residents as well.

Josh first got involved with Covenant House in 2023 after moving to Alaska. “I wanted an opportunity to volunteer in a meaningful way,” he says. “I wanted something that would root me to the community.” Covenant House’s mentorship program was the perfect fit, allowing Josh to build a positive relationship with a youth while providing guidance and support.

For the past year, Josh has volunteered as a mentor, consistently showing up as a caring role model. He texts or talks with his mentee almost daily, providing a steady adult presence. “The youth know that I’m not paid to be here,” Josh explains. “I think they really know that I care, and I have no ulterior motive.”

In addition to one-on-one mentoring, Josh often attends ROP’s weekly group meetings and education/employment sessions. His calm demeanor has helped influence his mentee to manage emotions better and think more purposefully about the future. “He’s less likely to quit a job on a whim,” Josh notes. “And he talks more positively about setting goals.”

One of the most rewarding moments for Josh was spending Thanksgiving at the ROP residence. “The youth were busy preparing food, and they genuinely seemed happy I could make it to dinner,” he recalls. “It made me feel like they see me as a positive influence.”

Josh has gained new perspectives through his Covenant House involvement as well. “Working here has really opened my eyes to how common trafficking is,” he says solemnly. He said that he knew that it was a problem, but the reality is that it is so much more widespread than he’d realized.

For anyone considering getting involved, Josh enthusiastically encourages it: “There are so many possibilities to help, whether it’s mentoring like me, teaching a class, or assisting with office work. No matter what role you play, you’re contributing to the vital mission.”

If you are 18 years or older and have some time to share to help our mission, please fill out the volunteer form here and our volunteer manager will reach out to discuss options with you.