Welcome Baskets

COVID-19 Update
Every day we rely on our friends in the community to help us provide for the basic needs for our youth. For the safety and wellbeing of our youth and staff and our community, we have made changes to our regular donations process during our response to COVID-19.

We are NOT accepting any donations dropped off by individuals.
We are NOT accepting any used clothing, accessories or furniture.
We are NOT accepting any homemade soup, baking or meals at this time.

However, there are still ways you can still help and we NEED YOUR HELP! Contact development@covenanthouseak.org to find out how you can support us during this critical time or choose one of the options here.

Covenant House Alaska’s Transitional Living programs provide young adults with a safe, stable living environment, and offer services to help them successfully transition to an independent, self-sufficient lifestyle.

Entering Rights of Passage (ROP) or Passage House (PH) is an exciting (and scary) new experience for each young person, and these welcome baskets are one way of showing them love from the community and setting them up for success--think of it like a college dorm kit!

See below to understand what each basket includes. We estimate that each basket costs roughly $200 in total. We'd love to coordinate a welcome basket donation one-time or on a regular basis.

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Holly Payne:  907.339.4261 or volunteer@covenanthouseak.org