Shelter Services

When youth come to Covenant House Alaska, the first step is to address their immediate needs – a warm meal and shower, clean clothes and the comfort of sleeping in a bed. But beyond fulfilling these basic needs, Shelter Services at Covenant House Alaska also help build a foundation of safety and trust that, for many youth, has been completely eroded by a life on the streets.

Covenant House Alaska’s Shelter Services offer homeless, runaway and at-risk youth ages 13 to 20 a safe place to stay and get help. Shelter Services’ doors are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and all services are free of charge. With our open intake policy, no youth who comes to our door is turned away. We are never too full to welcome them in, nor too busy to talk. At Shelter Services, our well-trained, compassionate staff can assist youth with:

  • Safe Shelter
  • Case Management
  • Food
  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Counseling
  • Clothing
  • Pastoral Ministry and Spiritual Wellness
  • Counseling and Crisis Intervention
  • Housing Referrals
  • Family Mediation
  • Wellness and Enrichment Opportunities
  • Medical Attention
  • Life Skills and Groups
  • Employment and Education Assistance

Through Shelter Services, youth also have access to other Covenant House Alaska programs and services, such as Employment/Education Assistance, Health Services, the Youth Enrichment Program, Pastoral MinistryHousing Services and our Transitional Living Program.

Through these programs and services, the Shelter Services staff works towards our primary goal to reunite youth with their families. However, if returning home is not an option, we work with the youth to find a safe alternative.