Kick Off the New Year with Covenant House Alaska

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Support Covenant House Alaska at Kaladi Brothers’ Dale Tran’s New Year’s Day of Giving Covenant House Alaska is honored to be named, Kaladi Brothers’ Dale Tran’s New Year’s Day of Giving recipient for 2024.  This 35+ Year Tradition at Kaladi Brothers includes giving 100% of their beverage sales on New Year’s Day to a local charity and our supporters can …

Making a Move to Mentoring

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by: Kris Johnson Christi Meyn, an Anchorage native, has found her calling in volunteering as a mentor in the Rights of Passage program at Covenant House Alaska,. Christi admits that she can’t remember the exact moment of her first encounter with Covenant House. The presence of the house in the Anchorage community is so ubiquitous that it became a natural …

Baking Up Success

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By: Kerry Reifel For most children, fundraisers for extra-curricular activities are a pretty common rite of passage while growing up.   But, at Covenant House Alaska (CHA), many of our youth haven’t had those simple childhood experiences, which is what makes four Covey Youth’s recent accomplishment so much more significant.  A group of CHA youth created the opportunity of a lifetime …

Striking Chords of Change

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By: Kerry Reifel Michael Scholz remembers himself as a rebellious teenager that became entangled in the harsh realities of life on the streets of Anchorage. During which, he was a resident at Covenant House Anchorage off and on for several years.  Despite those early difficulties, his life is very different now and he is thriving by any measure. Today, he …

CHA Volunteer Spotlight: Aubrey Morgan

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By: Kris Johnson Aubrey Morgan grew up around young people in need of support, her mom and aunt setting the example of giving back by including her in the work they did running a group home.   So when a former Covenant House Alaska staff member overheard Aubrey expressing a desire to get back into volunteering, they both knew she’d be …

You Are Invited

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Please Join Us on Wednesday, September 6 for the Covenant House Alaska Open House and tour. RSVP HERE

Microsoft TechSpark and Covenant House Ignite Economic Innovation and Opportunity

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Covenant House Alaska is excited to announce its collaboration with Microsoft TechSpark to promote inclusive economic opportunity, job creation, and innovation in Alaska. Through this partnership, Covenant House Alaska aims to address the challenges faced by vulnerable youth in the state and leverage technology to empower them for a brighter future. Covenant House Alaska plays a vital role in providing …

Volunteer Spotlight: Chinmaya Kathe

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By: Kris Johnson In the early days of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the world had stopped, and while in quarantine many people began taking on hobbies and searching for ways to give back. Chinmaya Kathe is no exception. Signing on to, Chinmaya learned of Covenant House Alaska.  “I was looking for opportunities to use my professional skills to volunteer and …

Covenant House Alaska Welcomes New Board Members

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Covenant House Alaska is thrilled to introduce several exceptional individuals who have joined our board of directors during this past year. With a shared commitment to addressing youth homelessness and providing support, these dynamic leaders bring a wealth of experience and a diverse range of backgrounds to further our mission, enriching our board with their unique perspectives and adding to …

Volunteer Spotlight: Johanne Harrap

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By: Kris Johnson When her three teenage daughters started to get older and find their own interests, Johanne Harrap says she began “looking for something with meaning.” That’s when she got involved with Covenant House Alaska as a volunteer.   “My daughters are 14, 17 and 20. I have one at college and two at home. I realized I’m really almost …