Mothers Helping Others

Kerry Reifel Mentor, Volunteer Stories

By: Kerry Reifel

As a mother of two, Rachel Camm understands the challenges young moms face. That perspective is evident in her role as a volunteer mentor at Passage House, a program run by Covenant House Alaska that supports young mothers and their children. Rachel draws on her own experience raising kids to provide a listening ear, words of wisdom, and critical support to the women at Passage House.  “From a mother’s perspective, simply being there to listen and support the young mothers is so important,” Rachel says.

And she doesn’t just listen – she takes action. Rachel recently provided a ride and helped one young mom fill out paperwork to gain access to reliable childcare. This act of service represents a vital step toward independence for that young mother and her ability to properly care for her child in the future.

Rachel’s passion for service took root early. Raised in the UK, she grew up volunteering at food banks, soup kitchens, and collecting donations with her family. Those values stuck with Rachel as she moved across the world, first to Malaysia and then Alaska.

At Passage House, Rachel does it all – cooking, mentoring, and bonding with the women over shared activities. But it’s the one-on-one support in times of struggle that she finds most impactful and meaningful.

Rachel has witnessed firsthand the power a helping hand and listening ear can provide. Her hope is that homeless services will take on a more preventative approach in the future as well, keeping people from ever having to experience homelessness in the first place.

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