Unsung Heroes: Celebrating Covenant House Alaska’s ‘Behind the Scenes’ Volunteers

Kerry Reifel Events, Volunteer Stories

Today, at the close of Volunteer Appreciation Month, we want to shine a light on the unsung heroes who make our mission possible – the “behind the scenes” volunteers. While we often highlight the amazing volunteers who work directly with the youth we serve, there are hundreds more who tirelessly contribute their time and talents in supporting roles.

These are the volunteers who handle vital administrative tasks, maintain our facilities, run logistics at events, create handcrafted items for fundraisers, and so much more. Their roles may seem small, but collectively they provide invaluable support that allows our staff to focus on providing care and services to youth experiencing homelessness.

There is one such volunteer, who has generously donated her time to our Development Team office for the past year. Week after week, she has tackled countless administrative duties – stuffing donation letters, assembling gift bags, preparing materials for fundraisers, and any other tasks we’ve sent her way. Her kindness and reliability have become a highlight for our team. In fact, when we approached her about featuring her work in our volunteer spotlight, she politely declined, reminding us of an important truth – many of our most dedicated volunteers shy away from individual recognition.

Whether seen or unseen, every volunteer is invaluable to fulfilling our mission at Covenant House Alaska. The administrative assistance, the handcrafted goods, the event support, the facility upkeep – these roles facilitate the crucial work of providing a haven for healing and growth for the young people who need it.

To all our “behind the scenes” volunteers, please know that we deeply appreciate the generous gift of your time and effort. Your selfless contributions create a strong foundation that allows us to be there for the youth who need us most. We are grateful for you, all year round.