how to donate to Covenant House Alaska.

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Following are answers to questions that we are asked about donations on a regular basis. We want to provide answers to all of our frequently asked questions in one place for quick and easy access. The answers will shed light on the donation process here at Covey:

Where do I drop off my donation items?

At our main building at 755 A Street. The entrance is in the alley. Bring your items in through both sets of double doors. Our staff will provide you with a donation receipt at the front desk.

Please put new items in a separate bag and indicate those items to staff.

What time of day can I bring in donations?

You can bring in donations any time—we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Someone will always be at the front desk.

What type of clothing items can I bring in to donate that would be useful to CHA youth?

Hoodies (zip up and pullover styles), sweat pants, plain t-shirts, leggings, pajamas, sweaters, and practical footwear like sneakers or black shoes. During colder months, we need items like scarves, gloves, coats, snow boots, and thermal under garments. All clothing items need to be new or gently used and freshly laundered. We cannot accept worn out, stained or unwashed items.

NOTE: When deciding what clothing to bring, keep in mind that many of our youth are walking or taking the bus everywhere they need to go, so certain items are less practical including high heels, open toed shoes, etc. They could use ankle high or knee high boots or sneakers. As well, many of our youth are getting their first jobs ever, often in the service industry, so we frequently have asks for black pants or skirts, black long sleeve button-up shirts, and comfortable black shoes.

Do you need undergarments?

YES PLEASE! New undergarments only including panties, boxers/briefs, bras, and socks.

What is your most needed item?

Year round it is sweat pants, T-shirts, and underwear! In winter it is soup and hats.

I’m selling my storage shed—can I bring everything in it to CHA?

NO. Please be selective when choosing items to bring to our shelter. We do not have extra storage and not everything you find in your storage shed will be useful to us. We recommend sorting through your items and bringing what is outlined here: .

You may choose to donate your items that don’t fall into those guidelines to Goodwill or another charity of your choice that your items might benefit. You may consider calling Big Brothers Big Sisters to pick up items for your residence if you are unable to transport them. Be sure to check what they are able to take.

Can I bring in home decor items?

NO. Thank you.

Can I bring in books, CDs or DVDs?

NO. Please take all of these items to Title Wave Booksellers and then donate your credit earned to Covenant House Alaska’s account.

Can you pick up my items?

NO. We are not able to pick up your items. You may consider calling Big Brothers Big Sisters to pick up items for your residence if you are unable to transport them. Be sure to check what they are able to take.

I’m cleaning out my bathroom cabinets and found a bunch of half used hair products. Can you use them?

NO. Only bring in NEW hygiene products. Items we take all the time: new full sized and trial sized lotion, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, hairbrushes, toothbrushes, hair ties, nail clippers, nail polish, and chap stick.

Can you use baby clothes?

YES. These clothes can be used at Passage House, our program for pregnant and parenting mothers.

NOTE: we are not able to accept or store large baby items like cribs, car seats, and changing tables.

Can I do a donation drive for Covenant House Alaska?

YES. You are welcome to run a donation drive at your school, church, office, or with friends. If you would like to discuss your ideas for a donation drive further, contact the Development Team at

Can I donate non-perishable food items?

YES. Cans of soup, canned vegetables, fresh produce, cereals, unopened packaged and sealed snacks are acceptable food items to donate.

Can I donate soup that I’ve cooked at home?

YES. It must be frozen.

What is the best way to transport soup that I’ve made at home to Covenant House Alaska?

Fill gallon sized Ziploc bags with soup that have been cooled to room temperature and freeze overnight in order to transport easily and mess-free. This also allows us to easily warm it up.

NOTE: Please do not bring soup in a container that you wish to have returned.

Can I bring in my old wallet, backpack, or purse?

YES! If it is still fully functional and in good condition (no holes or tears), we will take it. We also take new wallets, backpacks, and purses to use for birthdays and Christmas gifts.

Can I donate a bike?

YES but ONLY in late spring/early summer and ONLY if the bike is fully functional and ride-ready at the time of donation.

Do you take linens and towels?

YES. New or gently used and freshly laundered twin sized, fitted and regular sheets. We also take bath towels and washcloths.

NOTE: even youth who are not in residence at Covey are able to come in for a hot shower and/or nap in our drop in center.

Am I able to fulfill a single youth’s Christmas needs during the holiday season?

YES. You can adopt as many Christmas lists as you would like. To adopt a Christmas list, contact the Development Team

Are you able to use bus passes?

YES! Many of our youth rely on the bus to get to school or to their jobs. The passes are important to maintaining day to day life.

Can I donate gift cards?

YES! We accept gift cards to Target, Walmart, fast food restaurants, fandango or Cinemark movie vouchers, and VISA gift cards.

Can I still donate if I am not able to physically come to the shelter?

YES! You can shop our Amazon Wish list and get things delivered to our shelter. Our wish list is here: (we have a summer, fall, and winter wish list, navigate to the season you wish to purchase for)

You can also see what items we need from viewing the wish list and then order from a cheaper vendor; we have previously had someone order the items from for this reason. Just type in our address for delivery (755 A St, Anchorage AK, 99501) and address it to Covenant House Development Team.

Can I donate larger item of great value?

Please contact the Development Team to discuss the item and if it can be used to benefit CHA youth!

For all further questions regarding donations, call 907-272-1255 and ask for the Development Team.