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Janet Weiss receiving the Trautner Award for Philanthropic Service.

Cornerstone Sponsor Spotlight

BP is a company that strives to enrich the communities in which they operate. Behind this well-known company are individuals who commit to this goal and invest care in tending their communities. BP began operating in Alaska 60 years ago, and their commitment is visible throughout the state.

Did you know that BP has invested over $1 million in the youth at Covenant House Alaska? Janet Weiss, BP Alaska President, cares so much about the future of Anchorage’s youth that she once shaved her head to raise money for Covenant House Alaska. For the past 7 years, Janet has served as a CHA board member and has been an active and essential supporter of the organization’s mission. Janet has run donation drives, encouraged service of her family and friends, served meals to staff and youth on Christmas morning, hosted fundraising dinners, and slept outside in the cold (3 times!) as a Sleep Out: Executive Edition Champion. Her persistent support and creativity earned her the Trautner Award for Philanthropic Service at the 2020 Covenant House Alaska Fire & Ice Ball.

We are also grateful to several other individuals and groups who have volunteered from BP. One of the most notable and current is Amy McKenzie, who is a Rights of Passage mentor. As a mentor, she commits to providing a positive and healthy adult mentorship to a youth for a minimum of two years. Youth in this program are learning to live independently in order to transition to their own apartments where they support themselves. Not only does Amy serve in this mentor role, she also makes herself available for other needs. She always agrees to help in any way she can, and with absolute enthusiasm.

These contributions are huge to the work done at Covenant House Alaska and to the hundreds of youth who use CHA’s services. From building the BP energy center, to recognizing outstanding teachers and students through education awards, the contributions BP makes to multiple organizations and individuals are essential to creating the colorful, vibrant, and strong communities here in the state that we call home.

If your organization is interested in learning more about partnering with Covenant House Alaska or becoming a Cornerstone Sponsor, please contact development@covenanthouseak.org.