Covenant House Alaska Volunteer Spotlight

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Margaret’s Story

Margaret is a long-standing supporter of Covenant House Alaska. The story behind her involvement in our mission to end youth homelessness and trafficking isn’t typical. To start, Margaret’s story is wrought with hardship and tragedy. But ultimately, is a story of love and hope.

First, we asked why she wanted to support Covenant House Alaska, Margaret replied:

“If there had been a Covenant House when I grew up, maybe my life would have turned out differently.”


Margaret’s story begins in a small town in Illinois at a time when information wasn’t readily available to those experiencing abuse. Especially crimes committed within the family. Even today, family abuse is underreported. Unfortunately, Margaret experienced these realities first-hand as she suffered in abusive relationships for many years.

She decided to escape and made her way to Alaska in 1983 in search of family support. She received a few mailers from Covenant House Alaska and immediately became interested in our cause.

Healing Through Helping Others

“I just wanted to be loved… and the best way to help yourself is to help others. It’s part of the healing process. I lost all of my kids. But I do have ways I can give to other children that I couldn’t give to my own. And nothing compares to their joy.”


And that’s exactly what Margaret did. Next, she helped herself, through helping others, all while creating opportunities for herself through education. In 2000, Margaret received her high school diploma with a 3.5 GPA, and would go on to earn two more certificates in medical billing and veterinarian services.

Like many of the youth we serve, Margaret’s abusive relationships don’t define her. She has a compassion for people and animals that goes unmatched and has earned her a spot in the hearts of our youth. Margaret is an incredibly talented seamstress, and she shares her gift freely. Just recently, she started making and donating intricate laundry bags to be used at Christmas and other special occasions!

“There are so many opportunities to help. These kids aren’t looking for perfection; they are looking for someone who cares. Covenant House is vital to the young people in Alaska. When I was going through abuse, I needed a place like Covenant House Alaska. And these kids need all the help they can get. They need a safe place.”


Not only does Margaret spend her free time serving others, but she has been providing vital services to the community on the frontlines of the pandemic as a grocery.

Volunteer Today

Thank you, Margaret, for your loyalty and support. You are truly a treasure in our community.

If you would like to volunteer your sewing abilities to make laundry bags (or offer other talents!), email