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Transformation Tuesday: Finding Direction in Turbulence

Kendalyn Mckisick Our Youth

Every Tuesday, we like to share transformation stories of the youth here at Covenant House Alaska! This way, our partners and supporters can see how we make a difference together. No matter how big or small the accomplishment, we celebrate every step forward. Today’s transformation comes out of our Rapid Rehousing Program: During this trying time of COVID-19, Covenant House …


Covenant House Alaska Volunteer Spotlight

Kendalyn Mckisick Volunteer Stories

Margaret’s Story Margaret is a long-standing supporter of Covenant House Alaska. The story behind her involvement in our mission to end youth homelessness and trafficking isn’t typical. To start, Margaret’s story is wrought with hardship and tragedy. But ultimately, is a story of love and hope. First, we asked why she wanted to support Covenant House Alaska, Margaret replied: “If …

Employee Spotlight: Longtime Chief Operating Officer Takes Position with Covenant House International

Kendalyn Mckisick Impact Updates

Meet Carlette Mack. Although, if you’ve interacted with Covenant House Alaska in the last 25 years you likely already know and love her. After receiving both her Bachelor’s in Psychology and Master’s in Counseling Psychology from Alaska Pacific University, Carlette started at Covenant House Alaska as an intern. At the time, her mother Mildred (whom Carlette affectionately calls MammaMack) was a case manager here at Covey. Carlette says, “I have always thought it was a …

LGBTQ Youth Homelessness—Why It Matters and How You Can Help

Kendalyn Mckisick Events

Imagine being a young person who, after coming out to your parents as LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer) or even after trying to discuss your sexuality, is told to pack your bags and get out. Imagine being a target for violence in your family home, and having no choice but to leave to protect yourself. The people who are …

Stronger on the Other Side

Kendalyn Mckisick Events

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, Covenant House Alaska has supported over 200 youth with immediate shelter, independent living situations, meals, and connection to resources. We’ve provided mental health and physical health care, supported emotional wellbeing, and fostered education opportunities to students as they continued school outside of the classroom. While the doors of many other organizations and businesses …

Walking Through Barriers: Congratulations to our 2020 Graduates

Kendalyn Mckisick Events

High school students in their senior year of high school have struggled through the adjustments made by school closures that were prompted by COVID-19. They have been removed from their classrooms and isolated from their classmates and their teachers. Extracurricular activities and milestone moments like prom or commencement ceremonies have been cancelled. The graduates from our programs have experienced these …